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bar code translatorWhat Is SmartScan Barcode Translator?

SmartScan Barcode Translator adds the power of bar code scanning to QuickBooks.

The SmartScan Barcode Translator program pairs the bar code you assign with the corresponding item in your QuickBooks item list. Existing manufacturer's bar codes can be used or you can create your own internal bar code numbering system.

Barcode Translator allows you to scan a product bar code directly into a QuickBooks transaction's item field and have the corresponding item code appear on the transaction.

Barcode Translator will increase productivity through the speed and accuracy of selecting the correct item from your QuickBooks item list instantly.

Barcode Translator allows the cursor to jump to another field instantly after a bar code has been scanned. This will save you time by reducing or eliminating keystrokes during your data entry process.


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SmartScan Barcode Translator runs as a service in the background on your computer while you work within QuickBooks. Barcode Translator contains a table of values which will translate bar codes into the item codes in your QuickBooks system.

An example of the translation process would be scanning a product UPC code with a serial bar code reader when entering a sale transaction and having the scanned UPC code "translate" to the corresponding QuickBooks item code.

Barcode Translator also allows you to define where the cursor should be placed once a bar code has been read. Using our "screen patterning" feature, you can tell the scanner what to add after the scan for each screen that you will be working with. Any combination of keys (i.e. tab, return, numbers, letters, function keys) can be added to a scan. This will save or even eliminate keystrokes during your data entry process.

*  Barcode Translator requires a serial scanning device for reading bar codes. Available scanners are shown below and are sold separately.

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Cost per license: $295.00

SmartScan Sales

(206) 932-9986

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  • All QuickBooks updates
  • QuickBooks Pro, Premier or Enterprise (2006 or newer), US or Canadian
  • PC running Windows 2000, XP, Vista or Windows 7
  • Current Windows Updates
  • Mouse
  • 32mb RAM
  • 25mb free hard drive space (minimum)
  • One Unused Comm Port (i.e. Com1, Com2, Com3 or Com4)
  • Serial Scanning Device


Honeywell 1300g handheld barcode scanner, handheld computer


Honeywell 1300g

  • High performance linear imaging scanner
  • Fast reading performance
  • Solid state construction, no moving parts
  • Brighter than CCD scanners
  • More durable than a laser scanner
  • Includes 6ft USB/Com Cable
  • Five year warranty
  • Pricing:

$150.00 Scanner Only
$425.00 Bundled with SmartScan Software

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Datalogic Gryphon Mobile handheld, bar code scanning


Datalogic Gryphon Mobile Wireless

  • High performance linear imaging scanner
  • 433MHz Wireless Radio
  • Range up to 100ft
  • 4 Hour Recharge Time (Max.)
  • Withstands repeated 6ft drops to concrete
  • Three year warranty
  • Pricing:

$675.00 Scanner Only
$895 Bundled with SmartScan Software

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