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MilkManager Home Delivery System

What Is MilkManager?
MilkManager was developed specifically for home milk delivery distributors. The system runs on a Pocket PC based handheld computer. MilkManager was designed to replace the traditional route binder books that are used to maintain customer names, addresses, phone numbers, standing orders, cash receipts, customer balances, delivery notes, customer pricing, route sequencing and delivery record keeping. With MilkManager, you can carry the equivalent of all of your route books in a computer about the size of a paperback book.

MilkManager also saves you significant time both on the route and when creating customer billing statements. The data collected each delivery day is consolidated, priced and sent to QuickBooks. QuickBooks maintains your customer accounts receivable and allows you to analyze your sales and customer information with a number of predefined reports. The data is also available if you wish to analyze it with a database or spreadsheet such as Microsoft Access or Excel. Interfaces for office accounting packages other than QuickBooks are also available.

System Features

Some Features of the MilkManager System include:

  • EASE of USE

The DEX Delivery System is available for the following operating systems:

  • Customer Standing Orders with the ability to edit on the route.
  • Recording of Cash Receipts with or without check numbers.
  • On-Line Customer and Product Lookup Capability.
  • Flexible Pricing by customer and product.
  • Customer Delivery History available on the route.
  • Customer Delivery Sequencing with the ability to edit on the route.
  • End of Day Delivery Statistics showing the quantity of each product delivered and total of cash collected for the day.
  • Scheduled Skips to designate when a customer wishes to skip their delivery.
  • Customer Balances available on the route as of the last statement date or last update.
  • Driver Instructions may be entered as a note for relief drivers.
  • Delivery Instructions may be entered as a note for relief drivers.
  • Dated Notes may be entered as reminders.



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System Requirements

Route Configuration

  • Motorola PPT8800 PPC based Handheld Computer.
  • Powered Vehicle Cradle for PPT8800.

Office Configuration

  • PC running Windows 2000, NT or XP.
  • Mouse or pointing device.
  • 64mb RAM
  • 15mb free hard drive space (minimum).
  • QuickBooks 2006 or newer.

Motorola PPT8800 PPC based Handheld Computer




route accounting Motorola MC55 handheld computer

System Configuration


The Complete MilkManager System includes
  • Motorola MC55 handheld computer.
  • MC55 Charging and Communications Cradle.
  • MC55 Vehicle Cradle.
  • MilkManager Route software license.
  • MilkManager Office software license.

Click here for Motorola MC55 handheld computer information

Software only licensing is available.

  • MilkManager Route
  • MilkManager Office

Software Support & Maintenance Package.

Conversion and Installation Services.
















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